Brandmyth celebrating and creating history on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Shironamhin

I was always one of the biggest fan of the band “Shironamhin” from my university days like millions of other young crowd at that time. I was really fascinated by their sound they created from their album “Icche Ghuri” and followed by Bondho Janala, their self-titled album Shironamhin and Shironamhin Rabindranath (a collection of covers written by Rabindranath Tagore). Their latest studio album “Perfume” had a very sound to it. As a musician myself and also as a person, the album “Icche Ghuri” was very much related to many emotional events of my life. I still remember back in 2009, I had the chance to meet Ziaur Rahman (founder and bassist) of Shironamhin at his studio. To me it was the day I will forever remember. I mean why not! meeting one of your musical heroes is obviously a day to remember. He was the main guy to compose and write the music of the band. The sound of the band had a very melancholic touch to it which I have admired all my life.

Fast forward to 2018, Brandmyth and Shironamhin started working together. Brandmyth started maintain all of the digital rights and channels of the band. With that partnership, Shironamhin became one of the biggest band in the country by the careful & proper maintenance done by the Brandmyth tech and the social media team. In November 2021, this friendship brought together an extraordinary plan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shironamhin. Brandmyth wanted to celebrate this occasion in the most unique way possible! Team Myth started to craft a unique concert that has never happened in the music history of Bangladesh. Finally, we came up with an idea, to what we believe one of the most iconic idea in this country’s history- “Shironamhin with the Symphonic orchestra”. As a musician and an musical enthusiast and to my knowledge of going to festivals all my life, an orchestra has never performed with a rock band in this country.

The team worked relentlessly for 337 days and on the 8th September of 2022, Brandmyth and Shironamhin created history! Along with the concert, we also created the first ever official live album of the band. However! those who missed it, you guys can still enjoy the experience of it on the official Youtube channel of Shironamhin. With that note I can say, the myth has begun!