Dream come true for a team who loves music passionately! The launching of the first audio book “The Only Headliner”

Fast forward to 2022 October, after the Shironamhin 25th Anniversary, we thought of extending it. We wanted to do more regional concerts but then again concert can be done anyways, but how do we make it as a legacy? The team sat along with Ziaur Rahman (bassist and lead of Shironamhin) and we decided to release an audio album of the concert! Just an audio album? We researched and dig down more. The team being mostly musician by passion, had an interesting insight- that whenever anyone watches a concert they also has this keen to know what happened behind making the production. Also, in a time when audio releases only in digital platform, how do we make a physical copy of it? We knew Ekushey book fair (the biggest book fair in the country to give tribute for the language martyr) was around the corner. So, taking both the insight we decided to make an audio book of the album. A book that will have the video song integrated to it. So how do we communicate it?

We made a book called “The Only Headliner”, a book that had an inside story of all the songs performed during the show. Each segment of the book had a QR code in it which when scanned will go directly to the video version that has been uploaded on YouTube. Also, simultaneously all the 20 songs has been uploaded on Spotify as well so that the audience can experience the audio as well.

The team sat together with the band and finally we decided to release the book on 26th of February at the Ekushey Book fair. The fans & audience were notified beforehand from the band’s official facebook page along. Side by side the team was developing the design of the book and simultaneously preparing for the digital releases as well. The video was done before the publishing of the book and integrated with the QR code. With the help of Spotify, we launched the live album there as well. Each song was uploaded weekly and communicated simultaneously digitally.


On the release day the band was present at the stall. Fans from all over the country came and met with the band, took autographs and photographs. This project was dream come true for team who loves music passionately.