BAMBA-Channel I Band Music Fest and the story of 25000+ music lover

Just after the celebration of Shironamhin 25th anniversary, we were getting a lot of attention as a premier concert arranger all over the city. Channel I approached us to arrange a concert but none of the parties were sure how it was going to be executed. Both the parties knew that we were going to align with BAMBA (Bangladesh musical band music association) , the biggest band alliance of Bangladesh. So, the plan was set and in motion. Brandmyth team along with Channel I and BAMBA sat together to plan out the concert.

The concert was named BAMBA Channel I “Band Music Fest”. The show will feature almost all the biggest band of the country. The line-up was Nagarbaul, Miles, Warfaze, Aurthohin, Artcell, Renaissance, Feedback, Dalchut, Viking, Souls, Obscure, Cryptic fate, Shironamhin, Mac O’ Dhaka, Pentagon & Powersurge. I don’t think as a concert goer, no concert has been so big with such a huge line-up. The stage was set at Dhaka Army Stadium on the 2nd December.

The team sat with all the bands and 15 days before the concert the anticipation became immense on social media. Even there was example of people who came from abroad couple of days before the concert. Every brand started posting from their page about the concert. This was also the first time in Bangladesh where every band in Bangladesh was promoting each other and inviting everyone for the concert.

Coming back to concert day, the gate was open at 1pm and the audience started flooding in. As there were 16 big bands, every band was given an approximate 20-30mins slot time. Powersurge went in first and the entire crowd was headbanging to their thrash metal music. After each 20 minutes band went in and the crowd started increasing.

By the time it was 8 in the evening every inch of the stadium was filled and more then 25000 audience was present at the venue within 10pm of the show. The weather was good and each and every music lover was grooving to the best bands of the country. As Nagarbaul entered the stage, each and every crowd was singing to every word of his song. There was tears and laughter’s with every word of his song. Then Warfaze entered the stage at around 12am and finally the show ended with a bang!

After a long year BAMBA was back in the picture with such a huge successful show. Brandmyth made sure every bit of the execution was perfect. For weeks people talked about the concert and how much they have enjoyed it. This was by far one of the most iconic show of the year and people will remember it for years to come.