GPH Ispat-Securing lives, fortifying structures

GPH is a brand that has been always aware of various social cause that includes selling highest quality iron rod which helps provides maximum strength for various structure. One of their products is B600 DR, a product which provides maximum resilience against strong earthquake. Brandmyth was called by the brand to create a TV commercial that would communicate this especial USP.

Our core ingredient of the commercial was to showcase how devastating earthquake can be. During the massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we observed a certain image where during the aftermath of the devastation few buildings were standing still. We asked a question to ourselves, after such massive earthquake how was these specific buildings standing still? With that vision we started crafting the story on how we want create the commercial.

Team Brandmyth started creating a story about a family who is planning to make a new house. We started with a nightmare that is seen by a grandfather, who sees his grandchildren running for their life during a massive earthquake. He wakes up startled with a concern! The next day the engineer of the house comes to discuss the planning. The grandfather expresses his concern that he is building this house for his grandchildren and for their future. He asks a question how are those specific building standing after such a massive earthquake. The engineer assures him that the best rod for better sustainability is none other than GPH Ispat B600-DR. It is the highest grade of rod there is. With that assurance the grandfather is relieved about his grandchildren’s future.

After a lot of back and forth and making the script rock solid we partnered up with Houseboat Productions and commercial director Mahmudul Hasan Adnan we finally created the TV commercial. The commercial was telecasted on all major TV channels and created a big hype on social media.

GPH Quantum B600D-R, meticulously crafted with a hundred percent dedication and hard-earned income, epitomizes the safety of life, the strength of construction, and the solid foundation of establishment for building our dream homes. This high-grade, earthquake-resistant rebar from GPH Ispat ensures our safety and that of future generations, offering a steadfast foundation against the specter of earthquakes. Recent seismic events in Syria and Turkey have shown the widespread devastation faced by many structures, emphasizing the importance of resilient materials. GPH Quantum B600D-R stands out as the locally produced high-strength steel rod in Bangladesh, designed to withstand earthquake-prone areas, making it the pinnacle of safety and security in construction. Stay carefree, and stay secure with GPH Quantum B600D-R.