Apex Glaze

Apex Glaze Launching Campaign Client: Asian Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Duration of the Campaign: 2 months Campaign Type: OVC Platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Location: Bangladesh   Campaign Summary Asian Paints, being one of the biggest paint providers, wanted to introduce a new product. Apex Glaze during the lockdown of 2020. As we were all confined into […]

Ekusher Protigga

একুশের প্রতিজ্ঞা Advertising Agency: Brandmyth Production House: Colormind Production Brand: GPH Ispat Type of Product or Service: Steel Manufacturing Campaign Duration: February 5, 2020 – February 29, 2020 Background We are the only nation who fought for their mother tongue & won the battle. Unfortunately, our pride turns into grief! We hardly spend a day […]

Rakib Hasan Khan

Rakib Hasan Khan Art Director Brandmyth Group Rakib Hasan Khan is the Group Art Director at Brandmyth Digital. He is an early soldier of this agency and with his excellency he has been proving himself since then. He is a crucial part of Brandmyth who helped to grow the business in an endless manner. Rakib […]

Mahfuzul Kabir Movi

Mahfuzul Kabir Movi Director, Business Development Brandmyth Experiential Having a vast array of networking at his disposal Mahfuzul Kabir took charge of numerous projects of Brandmyth Experiential. Through his engagement with Vivo smartphone launching he joined Brandmyth Digital and appears to be functioning as the Director of Business Development. His position comes with responsibilities like […]

Ahsan Iqbal Equ

Ahsan Iqbal Equ Group Creative Director Brandmyth 360 In a career spanning over 20 years, Ahsan Iqbal Equ established a solid working experience in the field of Brand Building, Strategic Creative Communication, Integrated Campaign Planning, Campaign Management, and Concept Development & Content Production. He nurtured many local and international Brands. Ahsan Iqbal is in the […]

Sheikh Mahdi Hasan

Sheikh Mahdi Hasan Deputy Managing Partner Brandmyth Group Sheikh Mahdi Hasan, an established and much known face in Brandmyth joined the team as Managing Partner of Brandmyth Group on 2021. He enrolled in Brandmyth Communication on 2018 as the Head of Operations and since then been contributing restlessly to this agency. Overseeing the office of […]

Mr Sharafatur Rahman

Mr Sharafatur Rahman Executive Director Brandmyth Experiential Mr Sharafatur Rahman, an exceptional individual born and brought up in Jashor joined Brandmyth Experiential as the Executive Director on 2022. Being a ray of light in Marketing Access he had served for a great amount of time from 2008 to 2022. He holds a track record of […]

Imrul Kayes

Imrul Kayes Ahmed Managing Director Brandmyth Group Mr. Imrul Kayes Ahmed is a Tech Entrepreneur. His expertise in digitalization has remained remarkable till now. His tremendous work experience in Digitalization have played a crucial role for him. Mr. Kayes has worked with numerous companies where he has successfully increased the sales and brand values of […]

Rakibul Azam

Rakibul Azam Chairman Brandmyth Group Throughout his lifetime Mr. Rakibul Azam has directed his career towards the advertising world to a great extent. Due to his continuous effort, Brandmyth Group has developed as a diversified advertising company. Currently he is working as the founder and Managing Director of the entire Brandmyth Group. Mr. Azam has […]